Ours à New York… et à Munich !

25 octobre 2022

Ours à new york

Ours à New Yorkle grand album de Gaya Wisniewski, a été distingué par la prestigieuse sélection internationale White Ravens. Notre grand Ours rejoint donc la Stiftung Internationale Jungendbibliothek, dans le fonds permanent.

Is this really the life that Aleksander had dreamed of as a child? A beautiful apartment in a trendy part of town, daily trips on the subway to a well-paid job – looking quite serious in his suit and carrying a briefcase? Yet what many might consider »success« comes at a high price: loneliness, an increasingly boring job, and the hectic life of New York City, that glittering juggernaut. When he becomes caught up in growing self-doubt, Aleksander’s two long-missed childhood companions – a giant bear and a tiny fox – kindly but firmly draw his attention to the contradictions in his life. At first Aleksander tries to block out their advice. How his wise friends help him achieve a happier life is the subject of this expressive picture book drawn entirely in black-and-white by Belgian artist Gaya Wisniewski. With her large-size city scenes depicting streets, bridges, parks, and skyscrapers in a wintery New York, she composes a gorgeous modern fairy tale about the meaning of life. SW for the White Ravens.