Foreign rights

Hannele & Associates is a French publishers’ agency specialized in children’s books and coffee-table books. We represent French independent and creative companies, offering a wide range of titles from novelty books to picture books, non-fiction, fiction, etc. With such a variety of quality books, our bet is that everyone can find the right addition to their list! The agency also proposes workshops on selling rights and can provide expertise on publication and subsidiary rights.


Hannele and associates
38 rue Alfred de Vigny – 33200 Bordeaux France
+33 6 10 52 55 73 – info(at)


Hannele is in charge of English language, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Eastern European languages. hannele(at)


Emilie is in charge of Spain and Latin America, Nordic countries, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Israel, Iran. emilie(at)